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Our Mission and Objectives


To contribute to sustainable improvements in the lives and livelihoods of the poor, especially women and children in the Gambia


Empowered people living a dignified life free of poverty

Development philosophy

  • Giving local people the opportunity to identify their own needs and to play an active role in addressing them through a holistic development programme in a way that is culturally sensitive and community-centred.


  • Working with people who share the same /common/ identical problems through integrated development programmes


  • It is an approach that gives all communities equal opportunity and access to a wide range of development choice visa a- vie health, education, agriculture, economic empowerment/production/ etc…


  • Communities living in the same locality that share similar problems, plan and implement development activities together for positive social and economic change.


  • Integrated strategy designed to encourage people to participate in their own development activities to bring about sustainable improvement in their lives.


The approach adopted gels into a mutual partnership with communities that bring about well informed, transparent, accountable and empowered Communities which are capable of:

  • Initiating, articulating and controlling their development process
  • Analysing their development context and taking appropriate actions to address challenges affecting them


  • Effectively engaging with various stakeholders and duty bearers in influencing the decision-making and policy formulation process in favour of the poor and vulnerable groups

Strategic Objectives

  • Promote sustainable agriculture and control over natural resources to improve lives and livelihoods of poor and vulnerable rural women


  • Promote efforts to reduce the impact of environmental degradation and climate change impact on rural farmers


  • To improve quality public education for all children and enhance youth participation, employment and leadership role


  • Break the cycle of poverty by enhancing women’s access to alternative economic opportunities


  • Improve access to water, sanitation, healthcare information and services for women and girls to take charge of their sexual and reproductive health and prevent HIV/AIDS, malaria infections and hygiene
  • Facilitate the empowerment and prevention of gender based violence and discrimination of women by enhancing their capacities to take control of their own development needs and responsibilities

Who we are

ADWAC works within a multi sectoral framework called the eco-zone approach. Each component part within this multi sectoral framework compliments the efforts of other components. Within this framework, a cross sectoral linkage is forged between the various programme activities to compliment and consolidate each other which together ‘gel’ into a holistic approach to improving the quality of life of women and children.  ADWAC’s development activities focus on the following broad program areas

  • Food security and environmental management


  • Education and youth


  • Micro-credit  


  • Women’s right


  • Water and sanitation


  • Governance
  • Climate change


  • Health and development

Where we work

We work with community people and partners to sustainably improve the quality of life of women and children in the Gambia

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